Margriet Groenevelt
PuurZaam™ Founder -Your soul doesn't eat but needs constant nourishment-

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Dorothé VosHeijneman
I ♥ People! Interim Manager, Hardloper, Boekenverslinder, Getrouwd @ArnoudVos, 3 (puber) zoons
Timo Boezeman
Design & digital innovation for CB. UX design, VD design, data visualization, data science and @spot4books. Family man, car fanatic, F1 addict.
msijgers 
Cada Dia es una Fiesta | CEO (Meeting-, Work- & PopUp Spaces) | love new Business Models | 2 great sons | Enjoying life to the max !
Virtual Chore Chick. Former Social Media Minion. Cynical So-and-so. Wittertainee. Dutch. English. #jourNOTism #keithspam | @YVAweb