Marcos Novo
Restless mind, passionate about agile methodologies, good products, design and photography. Agile Coach and Product Manager.

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Adithya Amarnath
Founder @ KnowMad Life | Ex-Community Manager at @factordaily | Growth Hacking | Tech | Elon Musk |
Simone Corsi 💻🚀
#FullStack #developer at @iquii. I build things, play with things, solve things and I'm curious about everything, probably too much.
NYC Startup, maker of Intelligent File-Finder on @Gmail: #Productivity #Tech #Innovation #Startups #SaaS #VC #Liberland Check us out at
Indian In Chicago
🇮🇳🇺🇸😎🕊️Fun. Coder. Honest. Not rich. Tip: $BCH 1KVucPaXarj3eMnozgjjcviYxvj2x7sPwY $LTC LbrMR79Vqoryz7t2267roMsjDr $BTC 3PSEjWWNXm4j7gMyRQrzKpLcyuMeDT9Cj
Fernando Parra
@pollenizer alumni. All things product growth and finding product-market fit.
Will Preston 👀
Will discusses topics of interest as he moves through life, with the focus being on actionable advice to help you personally or in business.