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lunamoth follows these people on Refind.

Tristan Harris
Co-founder, Center for Humane Technology. Former Google Design Ethicist. Let's address the global threat posed by runaway attention-maximizing technology.
Firefox 🔥
Made for people, not profit. 2x faster, easy on memory and helps you block trackers that can slow you down. Get Firefox:
Product Haunt 👻
The place to discover your next favorite thing. @ProductHuntLIVE 💬 @AskProductHunt 🤔 Emoji spirit of @AngelList ✌️
HabitFactory CEO / ex : OhmyNews, Tatter&Company, NAVER, UserStory Lab, TLX Pass / Sogang Univ. / Commune, Social Web, Peter drucker, Jazz
Chris Messina
Ever-curious product designer and technologist. Hashtag inventor. Previously: (YC W18), Uber, Google.
Dominik Grolimund
Founder at Refind. Studied computer science at ETH Zurich. Previously founded Caleido, Wuala, and Silp.