Leo Polovets
General Partner @SusaVentures. Before: @Caltech - 2nd non-founding engineer @LinkedIn → @Google → early engineer @Factual. Student of entrepreneurship.


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Democratizing America’s financial system. Invest in stocks, ETFs, options, & crypto commission-free. Questions @AskRobinhood Disclosure: http://robinhood.com/legal
Hilary Mason
GM for Machine Learning at @Cloudera. Founder at @FastForwardLabs. Data Scientist in Residence at @accel. I ♥ data and cheeseburgers.
Vitalik "Not giving away ETH" Buterin
See https://about.me/vitalik_buterin Not giving away ETH. For inquiries about me advising your ICO, please email: noreply@buterin.com
Edward Snowden
I used to work for the government. Now I work for the public. President at @FreedomofPress.