Leo Polovets
General Partner @SusaVentures. Before: @Caltech - 2nd non-founding engineer @LinkedIn → @Google → early engineer @Factual. Student of entrepreneurship.


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SMJ Exponential Growth Partners, Inc.
SMJ Exponential Growth Partners, Inc, a Delaware C-Corp, is an early stage “Life X” Venture Production Studio via Gust Launch Program (http://smjegp.link/gustshare)
Jessy Lin
CS, AI, philosophy, and other fun things @ MIT
UX • BA • Pro surfer (web) • See you in the future • 1 billion coins up for grabs https://refind.com/Itsaforest?invite=f926cbbd63
Brian Sirgutz
Ampathy, Huffington Post/AOL S.V.P. - Social Impact/Founder Impact, Education, Good News, Advisor: Council on Foreign Relations ,Tribeca Innovation