Leo Polovets
General Partner @SusaVentures. Before: @Caltech - 2nd non-founding engineer @LinkedIn → @Google → early engineer @Factual. Student of entrepreneurship.

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Jon Pierce
full-stack software engineer who builds products and communities. (co-)created @awesomefound @betahouse @angelbootcamp @musichackdaybos. 💻🚀🎧🚴‍♂️🏕️🌍✈️🍺⚾️💹🤖🧠
Toby Thomas
*justwatch / mavtone / epignosis / gesamtkunstwerk/ekstasis
MagnusTextile LaunchCapital
My A B C is very simple A= Always, B= Be , C= Closing.... always be closing. @3ounapp CEO #wearemilan 🔴⚫
Kathy Porto Chang
Machine learning algorithms x compelling user experiences. Teaching team @stanforddschool
Christopher Allen
Principal Architect at Blockstream—Internet Cryptography Pioneer— Co-author TLS Security Standard—Collaborative Tools & Patterns—Decentralized Identity