Luciano Mammino
Web developer, entrepreneur, fighter, butterfly maker! #nodejs #javascript - Author of, Founder of

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Marc Vidal
Tv host, business consultant on digital transformation, investor in Startups, international speaker & economic writer. But above all, father of Max.
Sarah Drasner
Award-winning speaker. Sr. Developer Advocate @Microsoft. @vuejs Core Team, Writer @Real_CSS_Tricks, cofounder @webanimworkshop, work:
The World's Leading Vendor of Professional Development Tools. Creators of IntelliJ, ReSharper, RubyMine, TeamCity and much more. The Drive to Develop
A Static Type Checker for JavaScript
Tom Dale
JavaScript thinkfluencer
Yehuda Katz 🥨
Tilde Co-Founder, OSS enthusiast and world traveler.