Luciano Mammino
Web developer, entrepreneur, fighter, butterfly maker! #nodejs #javascript - Author of, Founder of

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RedPixie go beyond technology. building and managing #Azure #hybridcloud solutions for our clients.
Shivayoga, Prayer Yoga, spirituality, healer, homeopath, Babaji, Shiva / God / Allah / Our Source, Kumarswamiji, bhakti, pure love, pure consciousness, bliss
Habeeb Bombata
product-Design | All things Javascript | Developer Avocado 🥑 |
João Costa de Souza
info on Technology,Cars,Digital Business,Computers & Rock'n'roll.
Mat Warger @ KCDC
Coder, speaker, life-long student. React, GraphQL, Node, Spring. Sometimes I think too much on the weekends. Currently @KeyholeSoftware - thoughts are my own.
Ingeniero en Sistemas, Master en Redes, Full-Stack Web Developer, IT Security, Hacker, Triatleta. Fundador @hackeruna