Luciano Mammino
Web developer, entrepreneur, fighter, butterfly maker! #nodejs #javascript - Author of, Founder of

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Alessio Salman
Incantato e respinto dall'inesauribile varietà della vita .
Amanpreet Singh
Site Reliability Engineer @Crowdfire. Golang. Kubernetes. DevOps. Google Summer of Code @TimVideosUs. @BITSPilaniIndia alumnus.
Steve Francia
Product Lead @golang, @Google • @Drupal board • Prior VP @Docker & @MongoDB • @gohugoio, Cobra, Viper & spf13-vim creator • Investor/advisor to VCs & startups
David Goldfarb
Under the nom de guerre of Degel Software, David boldly treads where he fears to go
Ross Dawson
Futurist, keynote speaker, entrepreneur and author working globally.