Brandon Lipman
Growth Consultant @RedWhaleHQ Growth Agency. Editor of @TheStartupPub. Past @RRE @3DLT

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atakhalighi 🇮🇷
CoFounder of and . My main focus is on PooyaSoft company as CEO.
Shawn Cheng 🛵
Tweeties on VR/AR, blockchain, esports, voice, AI, cats. @VaynerRSE @vaynermedia @BBDONY @Razorfish alum. @kimberbop adventure partner
9 Spokes
Meet the smart dashboard from 9 Spokes. When you see your #smallbiz more clearly, it’s easier to make the big decisions. Join for free!
Rohith Darisa
Growth and Product enthusiast • #ICO Launch Strategist • Co-Director, Bangalore @StartupGrind • Global Shaper @WEF • Passionate about Change • Feel free to DM.
Tom Limongello
CEO of @heytruffle. I spend a lot of time trying to shrink the world.