Brandon Lipman
Growth Consultant @RedWhaleHQ Growth Agency. Editor of @TheStartupPub. Past @RRE @3DLT

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Roxana Eftene
All Marketing Operations for @NiftioApp | Product Marketing Specialist & SEO Enthusiast | Interested in #startups and #tech | "a cat gif never hurt no one" 🐱
Jesse Frye ⓥ
vegan runner and plant hoarder
Ron Immink
Father of two, maverick, speaker, business book geek, entreprenerd, author, blogger, innovator, strategist, CEO and co-founder
Udit Goenka
Founder & CEO at @poweruphosting @gopbncloud @funnelbake | Featured on @inc & @forbes | Contributor @HuffPost | Keynote Speaker | A lot of love for Coffee.