Trends in aging and skin care: Ayurvedic concepts
L&L Skin Global
July 18, 2021

The association between Ayurveda, anti-aging and cosmeceuticals is gaining importance in the beauty, health and wellness sector. Ayurvedic cosmeceuticals date back to the Indus Valley Civilization. Modern research trends mainly revolve around principles of anti-aging activity described in Ayurveda: Vayasthapana (age defying), Varnya (brighten skin-glow), Sandhaniya

(cell regeneration), Vranaropana (healing), Tvachya (nurturing), Shothahara (anti-infl ammatory), Tvachagnivardhani (strengthening skin metabolism) and Tvagrasayana (retarding aging). Many rasayana plants such as Emblica offi cinalis (Amla) and Centella asiatica (Gotukola) are extensively used.

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