Jean-Patrick Labouyrie
Random french man, digital communications, founder Daycause, editor Onlike, partner Own History, wine drinker, coffee addict. Tweets in french and english.

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Fubiz Media is the most popular media since 2005 covering the creative news about art, design & pop-culture. #fubiz
WIRED is where tomorrow is realized.
Non-Profit Daily
Non-Profit Resources & News. Volunteers, orgs, management, leadership, fundraising, tech & more for museums, health/human services, education, etc. #NPdaily
Timothée Roussilhe
Developer & Designer. Currently moving pixels @Stinkdigital. Freelance
Stephie Knopel
Founder+CEO @Personal_Heroes , the revolution of positive impact. Relentless Optimist. I tweet about Coolhunting, Startups & Future.
// Mes potes m'appellent INTERNET, ils sont plutôt taquins.