Neeraj Joshi
Entrepreneur | Writer | Founder @ Pushstart (

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Deandre Durr💡
🏆 2017 @Producthunt Community Member of the Year Finalist.
Christian Gleich
Director Crowd Strategy @Hyve_Innovation Futurist, Innovator, Speaker, Author, Mentor, Angel ❤️#Bots #AR #VR #AI #IoT @FCBayern @HeroesBots @ZALVUS | DigitalJah
Global sales acceleration software company specializing in solutions that deliver breakthrough sales results. #SalesAcceleration #InsideSales #LeadGeneration
Populo Marketing We are a social design company, providing websites, maintenance and social media management for businesses small, medium and large
Srijan Agarwal
Proud Indian. Backpacker. I write code, read papers, and think thoughts. Product + Tech guy. Growth Intern @Swapcard. A die hard @FCBarcelona fan!