Jared Peters
Bringing life & purpose to AI characters & virtual humans. Fmr autism educator solving problems for caregivers. #accessibility #xr co-founder @expressiveai

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Microsoft in Business
The official Twitter page for Microsoft in Business: designed exclusively for business leaders to discover thought leadership content and trends in technology.
danah boyd
sociotechnical researcher | Microsoft Research, Data & Society (@datasociety), NYU | zephoria@zephoria.org
Mignon Fogarty
Podcaster. NYT bestselling author. Entrepreneur. Quick and Dirty Tips founder. Skier. Proud wife of @PatFogartyNV. Podcast: http://applepodcasts.com/grammargirl
Talks at Google
The #TalksAtGoogle Program hosts innovators, world leaders, authors and more from around the world. We broadcast the talks on http://youtube.com/talksatgoogle
Warren Whitlock
Publish at http://CoinHash.co Influencer in blockchain, ico, social media, tech and marketing. Futurist, Advisor, Author and friend
Tobias Goebel 👁
Sr. Dir. Emerging Tech @aspectsoftware. #CustServ advocate. I know that I know nothing. #CX, #UX, #FutureOfWork, #chatbots, #AI, #HomeAutomation, #CCTR