Jared Peters
Animating the Face of AI. Virtual humans and CG characters as AI interface. Co-founder @expressiveai @BoostVC Tribe X

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Brandon Uttley
Founder of Go For Launch @GoForLaunchio. Author of Pod Castaway http://geni.us/podcastaway.
Angela Field
Co-founder/CEO of Expressive, Inc. Creating the face of AI. Also chief dev, deep in the weeds of WebGL. @BoostVC 2017 #WomenInTech
N. Clement Weather
Buck Borasky - Frontier Programmer Basketball analytics and sit-down comedy Refind: https://refind.com/znmeb?invite=668bb6cf12
dorkbotsf, long-time SRL teleobliterator, traveller, hardly ever home
I. Yosun Chang @ SXSW
{wonder, innovation, elegance} ∈ a hacker's take on augmented reality, 3d graphics, mobile iOS and Android dev, startups, COOL STUFF and life