Jared Peters
Animating the Face of AI. 🤖 CG characters as AI interface. Mission-driven to solve problems for caregivers. Co-founder @expressiveai @BoostVC 2017 #webxr

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Angela Field
Co-founder/CEO of Expressive, Inc. Creating the face of AI. Also chief dev, deep in the weeds of WebGL. @BoostVC 2017 #WomenInTech
Buck Borasky - Frontier Programmer
Basketball analytics and sit-down comedy
dorkbotsf, long-time SRL teleobliterator, traveller, hardly ever home
I. Yosun Chang @ reInvent
{wonder, innovation, elegance} ∈ a hacker's take on augmented reality, 3d graphics, mobile iOS and Android dev, startups, COOL STUFF and life
Mikael Vinding
Passionate about Startups, Blockchain, Fintech, Innovation, Aviation and founder of Indie Game Development Community.
Chris Messina
Product guy, friend to startups, inventor of the hashtag; x-Google, X-Uber. I share links about design, product, social media, AI, tech, and culture.