standardista. fronteer. the web is the platform. open web. civic hacker. openness. ex @sunlightlabs Open Source....or Die opinions are mine/wrong.

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Software dev, teacher, student, into AI, ML, DL, CV. Views my own neural network.
Marcus Herrmann
Web developer. Cares about #a11y and @processwire. Co-organizer @a11yberlin. Collects @a11ystatements. Non-Web-Dev tweets in German: @hallo_marcus
Kyle Byrd
Designer, Founder, Shark Tank Alum. I work on hardware, software, and systems with a soft spot for 3D Printing and Humanitarian Tech
Lloyd Dewolf
Director of Engineering SQA at @castlighthealth — Was given a free copy for an honest review
Ola Agbaimoni
A public sector entreprenure: being the change I want to see Also the 7 MoMents Coach Making it Happen with #7MoMents for success! All thoughts are my opinions