standardista. fronteer. the web is the platform. open web. civic hacker. openness. ex @sunlightlabs Open Source....or Die opinions are mine/wrong.

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Matthew Eierman
Serial Entrepreneur, Startup Advisor & Chef | Married, 2 Dogs | Tweet about Corgis, Food, Tech, Startups | Fan of Obscure, Open, Actionable, and Consumable Data
Giovanni Toschi
On a mission to empower 1M support teams with AI | Founder @jatanaHQ + @BotSupplyHQ Tweets: #AI #growth #startups #futureofwork #CX #UI #UX #LOL
J⋅e⋅s⋅u⋅d⋅a⋅s #Wonderer ⋅ observationalist ⋅ #traveller ⋅ தमीಳ್ ⋅ soul seeker ⋅ #motorcyclist ⋅ Ambivert ⋅ #vacationplanner ⋅ adventure movie/content maker
Andrew { building IBRPG ⚔ } (҂◡_◡) ᕤ
Build web apps. Indie game + RPG fan. Dad + husband. Storyteller + Game Designer. Work @ eBay. @triptych@mastodon.social http://glitch.com/@triptych
Christian Villum
Technology geek, open source advocate, electronic music buff. Director of Digital & Future Thinking at @designcentret. Also @uhrlaut @ODandH @cadbooks