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Stephen H. Lahey
Self-employed executive recruiter since 2000. Sales and marketing coach to B2B solopreneurs since 2013.
Ujwal Arkalgud
Dad. Cultural Anthropologist. CEO, - leader in #DigitalEthnography. Author - Web True.0, angel investor.
Florian Seroussi
I do what I love and love what I do. Founder @Sendersinfo @Trackbuster and owner @Evercontact, Investor in 30+ startups.
Margriet Groenevelt
PuurZaam™ Founder -Your soul doesn't eat but needs constant nourishment-
Anamika S Jain
A Social Media Consultant by Profession and a Gypsy by nature. I tweet on #Bollywood #SocialMedia Check
GI Home Loans
Mortgage Broker serving the Military and Veteran Community Worldwide. #usarmy #usmc #usnavy #usairforce #uscg