Matt Isherwood
UX consultant to ecommerce sites and startups. Also instructor and writer. New 2017 book: Designing Ecommerce Websites

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Aaron B
Designer, developer, midfield general. I make and fix things. Then I tend to break them and then fix them again.
Sanket Nadhani
New products @Wingify. Previously @FusionCharts. Books, tech, movies, TV series, food, beer, travel. And Internet funnies. Always happy to help - just DM me.
Neil Berry
Senior UX Designer at @cafonline, one of the UK’s largest charities. Previously @newsfromfta. I love design, UX, travel, sport & running.
Sofia Quintero
Founder and CEO @heynomnom | Former Head of #Growth @geckoboard
Thanos Papavasiliou
Easy Rider / Poet / Dad! / UX & UI Designer. Loves NYC & English Breakfast.
Vilav Bhatt ⚡️
Building brands @gyro | Rebel alliance ✨ | Internet Explorer 🌏 | Design connoisseur 🧐