Matt Isherwood
UX consultant to ecommerce sites and startups. Also instructor of The Evidence-Based Redesign course and writer of Designing Ecommerce Websites book.

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Inkbot Design
Inkbot Design is a Creative Branding Agency and Belfast Graphic Design Company.
Benjamin Southworth
☠️ @3_beards // 💸 @unicornhuntio // GovTech // Civics // Art // Poetry // Music // Code // Loves a woolly jumper // DMs Open
Rapid remote user testing platform, without the hefty price tag | Start testing today to improve your #UX and #CR.
Aaron Bates
Designer, developer, midfield general. Front-end team at @datacamp 🛠️📊
Sanket Nadhani
Head new products @Wingify (makers of @VWO). Previously @FusionCharts. Books, tech, movies, food, beer, travel. And Internet funnies. Always happy to help - DM.