Yasar Yagci
Line Producer, Production Services , Media Services , Locations, Casting ,Quality Gear etc.

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Dr. Ari Zelmanow
Uncovering insights to enable better decisions | Consumer psychologist | Defender of truth, justice, and the American Way #BehavioralScience #ConsumerPsychology
Larry Kim
CEO @MobileMonkey_, Founder @WordStream (acquired for $150M) Columnist @Inc, @Medium, @CNBC. Startups, AdWords, Chatbots. Popularized Unicorns in Marketing.
Nancy Young
Photographer, blogger, and curator at http://photodoto.com - Photography tips & tuts to make 'em green with envy!
The world’s leading business magazine for the advertising, marketing & media communities. Marketing @CampaignBrands, Media @CampaignMedia, Jobs @CampaignJobsUK