Clemens M. Schuster
expect everything | #civictech | #opendata | #entrepreneur | perfect is boring | Austrian in Zurich | open-minded | classical philologist | has a personal blog

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Eternally critical, reflexive, inspired. Speaks in tongue, heals with magic and fights with the powers to be. #givingafuck
Mother Jones
Investigative journalism, politics, chart-tastic, sometimes sarcastic. Voted Magazine of the Year, 2017, by the National Association of Magazine Editors.
Innovate Finance
Convening voice for the UK global #FinTech sector, providing a single point of access for key industry influencers, regulators, tech and talent.
Das orange M twittert: Wir engagieren uns für jedes einzelne deiner Zeichen. // Über mehr als 280 Zeichen freut sich unsere M-Infoline:
Edwy Plenel
Journaliste (depuis 1976), président et co-fondateur de Mediapart. Je bloque insultes, menaces et dénigrement systématique de @mediapart.