Clemens M. Schuster
expect everything | #civictech | #opendata | #entrepreneur | perfect is boring | Austrian in Zurich | open-minded | classical philologist | has a personal blog

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Amade Fries
Petrolhead, Fussballfan, Hobbyknipser, digital addict, part time idealist.
Oliver Fuchs
Leitet Social Media @NZZ. Im Vorstand @JJS_CH. Relax, it's just Twitter.
Michael Kunz
Inbound Marketing & Sales Consultant |#Haudraufmensch | Outdoor Enthusiast | Digital Marketing Professional |Work: | views are mine|
«Les idées non satisfaites reviennent»
Hannes Gassert
Swiss civic entrepreneur, author, speaker and activist on open data and digital policies. For technologies and startups that empower the many, not the few.
Social Marketing & allerlei aus dem Netz.