Mark Chitty
Web Developer. Creator of @theVRindex. Climber. Dad.

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João Costa de Souza
info on Technology,Cars,Digital Business,Computers & Rock'n'roll.
As a Family Therapist, I help people explore their family dynamics in order to better understand one another & communicate more effectively.
~ part goddess, part mountain goat ~ australian ex NYC. recovering journalist, grounded gypsy, bolshie buddhist. Rainforest, the wondrous Tassie Tarkine
Joanna Strom
Thought Leader/Writer/Creative
Marco Faccini
A Day without Learning is not a Day.. Investor, NED, Speaker, FLPI, involved daily in VR AR XR EdTech and Collaborative Learning - part of
Nicolas Alpi 🍪
Ruby / Rails / JS developer, @thecookieshq co founder. Sincerely believes sheep will dominate the world one day.