Hampus Jakobsson
Pescetarian, stoic, founder & angel investor. Father of 3. Favorite compliment: Efficient. Happiest when: Learning. Blogs at http://www.hajak.se

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Full Stack Marketing - Mobile Growth @8fit - AARRR, UA, ASO, CRO, Dataviz
Julia Delin
Finns på: simplyevents.io, juliadelin.se och peppmeapp.se
Jakub Lanc
Renegade psychologist with an IT background, exploring the blockchain tech for the P2P economy and social enterprise. // Leading a mental health peer project.
Einar Braathen
Venture capital at @Mosaic_VC, former management consultant @BainAlerts
Create Thematic Maps Faster
Dan Lainio
Business enthusiast & founder