Greg Meyer
Data + Product at @OutboundWorks, Photographer. Artist. Sports fan. Customer Experience. Connector. Startups. Tweets = mine. How can I help?

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∬ Nazif Berat
Deep Learning Engineer, a Humanizer of Industry, AI Enthusiast #VoiceRecognition #DeepLearning #SelfDrivingCar
Ronell Smith
Content strategist. Writer. Wannabe disruptor. Information distiller. Deadlift-form judger. #Mozfam
Bala Chitoor
Entrepreneur, Start up Ecosystem - IoT Domain, Workplace Productivity & RPA Evangelist.
Ed Leake
I ❤️Analytics & AdWords | Real coffee drinker, purveyor of pivot tables. I like doughnuts. Founder & MD @Midas_UK (the best small #PPC Agency ever)
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