Danny Schaffer
Helping executives find and convert better prospects through LinkedIn | Co-founder of AMPLiFIND

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John Miller
He is an expert in Digital Marketing and Technology domains. John is covering the growing world of technology and digital marketing from last 12 years.
ツ Marcus Raitner
Agile by nature // Rebel without a pause // Working out loud // If you want to achieve greatness, stop asking for permission!
Samuel Pavin 🤓🚀
Senior Marketing & Entrepreneurship Advisor - Marketing Lead @UQ_ilab - Frmr Country Manager @IBMge France - KOL*🇫🇷 in 🇦🇺
Vlad Calus
TS 106 London. Dropped-out of college, moved to another country with 2 of my friends and built Planable, social media collaboration platform at 19 years old.
Antonio Vieira Santos 💙#CEBIT18
@Atos SoMe Evangelist.Innovation broker.Recognizing opportunities that link technologies, ideas & people through networking. @axschat @TalentCulture @Plus10org
Brandon Uttley
Founder of Go For Launch @GoForLaunchio. Author of Pod Castaway http://geni.us/podcastaway.