Futureproof Bama
Nonprofit to help prepare the state of Alabama for the transition period where most traditional work is being done autonomously.

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Jamil Ahmed
CEO @reinforcelabtwt ¦ Pharmacist ¦ Traveller ¦ Helping People To Grow Small Business ¦ Digital Marketing ¦ Social Media Marketing ¦ Personal Branding.
Are you even relevant though? #ForeignMxfia
❝Take each day as a challenge to better yourself and people around you❞ #DigitalAddict #GrowthHacker MyArsenal? Timbuk2, Mac, DJIMavic. Here speaking 4 myself
Scott Abel
The Content Wrangler | Content Strategy | Intelligent Content | Cognitive Computing | Content Marketing | UC Berkeley | Kolbe 8-3-7-2 | Myers-Briggs ENTP
Taylor Phillips
Husband, Dad x2, CTO at @AutoGov, Founder of @futureproofbama, and @UofAlabama Grad.