Abhilash Jain
Tech Enthusiast | Board Gamer | Product Hunter | Comic Lover | Movie Buff | Growth Hacker | Night Owl | Digital Nomad | DM for anything I can help with 😁

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Lauren Goode
Senior Writer at @WIRED, previously @Verge @Recode @WSJ. I play with tech stuff, just don't ask me to fix your printer. Lauren_Goode@Wired.com, DM for Signal.
Dieter Bohn
Executive Editor, The Verge. Tech commentary. Typos are intentional jokes I mean obviously.
Amit Agarwal
Web Geek, Computer Science Engineer (IIT), Google Apps Script developer and founder of https://www.labnol.org, a popular tech howto website since 2004 🇮🇳
nilay patel
Editor-in-chief of The Verge. Host of The Vergecast and co-host of Ctrl-Walt-Delete, both everywhere good podcasts are served. I am in love with spectacle.