Abhilash Jain
Tech Enthusiast | Board Gamer | Product Hunter | Comic Lover | Movie Buff | Growth Hacker | Night Owl | Digital Nomad | DM for anything I can help with 😁

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Will Preston
👨💻=☕ 🍰 🖥 🚴🚶🎧                         🔧Fix Websites                            🔨Fix Computers                       🐦@sumostack              ⛓https://preston.ie
Sam Udotong
CTO at @firefliesai - AI that takes automatic bullet point notes using deep NLP; @MIT; energy, excitement, entrepreneurship and escapade
Alejandro S. Basso.
Clásico Liberal. Emprendedor Serial, Escritor, Músico y Productor. Consultor en Comunicaciones Digitales. Defensor de DDHH @vismeapp @crowdmediamkt @dogmamkt
“Nije srećan onaj koji ima šta želi, nego onaj koji ne želi ono što nema.” ~ Latinska poslovica
Martijn Verbove
@Convergate | Convergate creates the line in-between people and technology. Where software understands its user and not only the other way around.
Frontend at @Airbnb. 🎮 I'll teach you if you teach me. 💕 INTJ ♀all opinions expressed are my own