Paul Shapiro
Director of Strategy & Innovation @CatalystSEM • Digital Marketer Specializing in Technical SEO • Programmer • I run @rBigSEO • Author & Speaker • Horror + 🎲

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Local SEO dude and man about town.
Marketing, Webdesign, technical SEO, BingAds, Google Adwords, love it
Raphael Raue
Head of Seo @mozilla. In a complicated relationship with the algorithms and photography. Desperately and always waiting for Godot.
Jose Gutiérrez
Web developer (HTML5/PHP/CSS/JS/MySQL) desde los tiempos en que reinaban los webmasters. Geek, internet, liberalismo, ciencia. El ser humano es extraordinario.
interests: web standards, findability, webwriting, content strategy, optimization, social media strategies, resilient communities and collaborative consumption