Fernando Parra
@pollenizer alumni. All things product growth and finding product-market fit.

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Larry Boyer
Helping people and business prepare for the future. Economist. Futurist, Technologist, Strategist. #futureproofingyou #4IR #leadershipdevelopment
Ed Herzog 🌱
Life Coach • Vegan • World traveler • TheResistance • 10 Powerful Questions For Discovering Your Life Purpose: http://edherzog.com/discovering-your-life-purpose/
Boris Mann
Global collective @frontierfoundry, building blockchain, decentralized tech. Open Source. Community. #frontiercommunity #ehlist
Adithya Amarnath
Founder @ KnowMad Life | Ex-Community Manager at @factordaily | Growth Hacking | Tech | Elon Musk |
Mostly product & design systems, sometimes words & moving pictures, repeat immigrant 🇳🇪🇨🇦🇺🇸