Etienne b
VC interested in everything decentralised & crypto research at @Politics_Oxford @OxfordCTGA @UniofOxford

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Dmitriy Cherniy
IT Entrepreneur, CEO at, Chairman at Interested in Security and Data Privacy, Data Analysis, Mobile technologies, IoT projects.
Clément Jeanneau
Co-fondateur @BlockchainPartn. Co-auteur "La #blockchain décryptée" (2016) et "L'Age du web décentralisé" (2018). Crypto, tokens & innovations de demain...
Hugo Volz Oliveira
Forever studying. Love friends, family, life, sea & (decentralised?) organisations, especially @ShAREThinkTank, @SdDUPorto, and @TwentyFiveam
GuillaumΞ PalayΞr
UX researcher. Blockchain & Token economy lover. #BUIDL hedge fund + crypto exchange dApps. Taught @SKEMA_BS + @iscom. Play w/ @bank0in + @MagDuWebdesign.
Francesco Andreolì
Hackathon and Crypto aficionado. Previous Engineer at @floatechmarine @IBM, @angelhack @Prudential and @amzracing |