Esther Schindler
Technology writer, editor, chocoholic. Not necessarily in that order.

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Phillip Marquez
Geek-of-all-trades, web tech & gadget junkie.
Tom Foremski
Ex-Financial Times journalist. Silicon Valley is changing into a High-Tech Media Valley
Ed Dodds
"Christ's love compels us" is my working hypothesis
Praveen Singh
Founder & CEO of @startupmaxima, @99tests - Software Testing Marketplace of 25,000 Testers. ENFP, Strengths - Future, Maximiser, Positivity, Strategy, Ideation.
Scott Cate, Orlando
Husband. Father. Hobbies: @dotNET @aspNET @code #TravelAddict #SCUBA Cloud Developer Advocate for @Microsoft @Azure.
Hugo Gernsback
Inventor, writer, editor, publisher, hobbyist, futurist, entrepreneur, immigrant. Also father of Science Fiction and science engagement pioneer.