Esther Schindler
Technology writer, editor, chocoholic. Not necessarily in that order.

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Ben Werdmuller
Director of Investments (SF) at @mattervc. Former open source founder; present day cheerleader for people who make the world better. He / him.
Guillaume Ledit
Journaliste du turfu chez @usbeketrica. Le podcast est le format de 2018, abonnez-vous !
Jo Aggarwal
Co-founder and creator of @wysabuddy. TEDx Speaker. Feels the world is on fire. On a mission to put a fire extinguisher in every pocket.
Avish J. Hakani
Digital marketing professional, Product Marketer, growth hacker, business developer, tech enthusiast, writer, chess lover
Ward Plunet
Neuroscientist who is diving into deep learning and mixing in a bit of decentralization and blockchain technology
Sebastian Becker
Digital Gen Y | Hannover | web freak | Transition Town | Permaculture | NANK | Design Thinker