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Zach Segal
Marketing @ - Earn BTC. Founder @ Past: PM & Design at YC startups SendHub & LendUp. Opinions are my own. 比特币!
Indian In Chicago
🇮🇳🇺🇸Developer. MSG👥 tipjar $BTC 3PSEjWWNXm4j7gMyRQrzKpLcyuMeDT9CjZ $BCH 1KVucPaXarj3eMnozgjjcviYxvj2x7sPwY $LTC LbrMR79Vqoryz7t2267roMsjDryTvK5r3n
Kelly Miyashiro
Concerned looking cat.
Ward Plunet
Neuroscientist who is diving into deep learning and mixing in a bit of decentralization and blockchain technology