Emily Campbell
Design specialist @ InVision. 💜s design systems, human-centered technology, dogs. Opinions are loud and my own ✊

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JP Revel
It's all ball bearings nowadays.
Bill Masur
Sr. Product Manager | product | startups | self-improvement | free markets .... in constant search of the truth
Mostly product & design systems, sometimes words & moving pictures, repeat immigrant 🇳🇪🇨🇦🇺🇸
Corey O 👌
Product at @madisonreedllb | my passion is where story telling meets technology meets business | @DesignMBA at CCA, former @deloittedigi_us | #DMBA
Howard Getson
CEO of Capitalogix - A financial tech company using A.I and advanced technologies to create trading opportunities, High-Performance Coach + TEDx speaker.