Emily Campbell
Product designer/Product Manager. 💜s design systems, human-centered technology, dogs. Opinions are loud and my own ✊

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Andrew Verboncouer
Partner & Design Lead @headwayio. Host @seaworthyfm @wisconsinux. President @digitalfertilzr. Live Full, Die Empty. Make a difference through design. Ex-Pro RB.
Lisa Ross
Used to be @lisamac. Digs product, UX and design. Was away for a while and shit got crazy. Catching up.😘
Nick Floro
Learning Design + Technology, Speaker, Dad, Founder http://sealworks.com | web app: http://LaunchCycle.com Task Management | blog http://nickfloro.com
Michael Wang
I design for apps and stuff @lyft. Previously cofounder @getteleportapp, previously-er @facebookdesign, @hugeinc, @odopod.
Louis Soisson
Married to my best friend, Father of two amazing kids (adults) and two cats, Fortunate friend, Believer in benefits of lifelong learning and Spartan Racing!