Herbert A. Meyer
Zu verstehen, was das Problem ist, ist das Problem.

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Richard Fortune
Curious | ☘ living in 🇳🇿 | #Maker | President of the MilkyWay Residents Association | ❤️ building product @xero | #lifelonglearner| #DeathPositive
danah boyd
sociotechnical researcher | Microsoft Research, Data & Society (@datasociety), NYU | zephoria@zephoria.org
Jens Scharnetzki
Chief Product Owner @yello_de - but privat here - My passion is to design smart experiences #ai #cx #ux #design #agile #experience is the product
Practical tools to help you understand customers, design better value propositions, and find the right business model.
marc thiele
Founder/organiser of beyond tellerrand (@btconf | https://beyondtellerrand.com). Co-Founder of Smashing Conference. Hobby photographer and coffee addicted.