Herbert A. Meyer
I am a networker (sometimes)

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Jens Scharnetzki
Chief Product Owner @yello_de In love to work since 20 years with #digital #cx #ux #design #agile #experience is the product #digitaltransformation
Juan Ortega Ulloa
Digital Marketing Analyst at @preyproject. Ecommerce & Digital marketing consultant. UX & social media advocate. From Nicaragua
Barbara Hallama
*sharing means caring* Product Owner | Independent #MusicBiz Professional | Curator+DJ | Biking | BLN #earcandy: http://supportyourlocalghetto.tumblr.com/
Rupert Platz
Strategic & conceptual UX designer. Freelancer. Will analyze, ask, question, frame, ideate, model, map, sketch & prototype to create value through design.
Sylvain Cottong
Economist by education & a curious mind by practice