Ernst-Jan Pfauth
Cofounder & CEO The Correspondent (@the_corres) - Working on our member campaign - Forbes 30 under 30 in Media.

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Roman Retzbach
I'm a 50,futurist/science futures-studies expert & investor, mobile: 049-1577-2061903,skype: Future-Institute,,
Lévy Pierre
Author: Collective Intelligence 1994, Becoming Virtual 1995, Cyberculture 1997, The Semantic Sphere 2011 | #Philosophy #Edtech #Data #AI #IEML | #Geopolitics
Aad Oosterhof
Strength of weak ties: geïnteresseerd in nieuwe inzichten van mensen die ik niet goed ken. Daarom wel op twitter & niet op 'incrowd platform' Facebook te vinden
Xavier Damman
Building a platform for our generation where citizens can organize and form associations based on transparency @opencollect. Previously cofounder of @Storify.
Josh Davis
I read/evaluate articles before I retweet them. Strategist on consulting, content & creative teams. Futurist with focus on tech & financial opportunities.
Berrie Pelser
Berrie Pelser ✯ ✯ WordPress Google SEO Cloud Hosting Webdesign Social Media Strategy Internet Marketing @IdoPelser