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Digital Product Design
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Often, people understand Digital Product Design just as the fancy part of a solution. Drawing pictures or telling developers how things should be – before the agile development. But that’s only one part of many. Digital Product Design is a continuous process of researching, learning, iterating, and designing people-centric and tangible solutions. 

Johannes is a product and service designer working at the intersection of people, technology, and business. He helps clients discover problems worth solving, ship the corresponding solutions efficiently, and support gathering insights for continuous iterations.

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Digital product design is one of the most dynamic areas in the world. Technology possibilities are sheer limitless; algorithms are eating the world, and mobile-phones bridge virtual and physical realities seamlessly. All of that changes people's behavior, and people's behavior influences the other way around, also affecting business and culture. 

Digital Product Design is a crucial discipline in digital transformation by making technology tangible for people and support organizations learning from peoples usage. That's why designing for Digital Products for me is one of the most exciting jobs in the world. I hope you enjoyed reading and are almost as excited as I am about this topic. 

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