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Simple integrations can be made with our RSS/JSON feeds.


These endpoints accept a few parameters:

sort: top or latest
days: 1..30 (default: 7)
amount: 1..200 (default: 10)
since_id: link_save_id > (only for sort=latest)
max_id: link_save_id <= (only for sort=latest)


We also opened up a few topic feeds. Every 24 hours, we’ll publish up to N (currently 3) new, top links per feed.

Save a link (GET)

We have a simple endpoint to add a link for the logged-in user. The user can then choose whether they want to save to their public profile, or add to their private reading list.



Want the daily top 3 links posted to a Slack channel? Or want links you save posted to Slack for your team?

1. Add the RSS app for Slack.
2. Subscribe to a feed (see list above).
3. Choose a channel.


Automate your social media

You can connect Buffer to auto-posts your links to social media. Or you can use our special RSS feed for auto-posts and hook it up via IFTT or Zapier.

Wordpress widget

Want to show your links on your blog? Create an RSS widget with your feed (see above).

Wordpress widget