Dave Food
Touching tomorrow, today, whilst Unlocking potential Please ask me because if I cannot help you I know someone who can! #klout70 #IoT By Dave Food

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Gloria Lombardi
Author, Journalist, Publisher. Founder of MARGINALIA, the #futureofwork magazine. #innovation, #internalcomms, #digitaltransformation, #tech, #publishing
Tom Evans
author, Insight Timer #meditation guide, co-creator of The Big Ü & Just for Today nuggets of #mindfulness, host of The Zone Show podcast
Thomas Schulz
Connecting contacts, communities and content: @gobottish @seed_token @healthetia @beeqco @xing_Z AMA @thomaSchulzBot 🤖⛓👩‍⚕️🐝💼
Just Andrew 🐾
Andrew is a commentator on national affairs. He lives in Southern Africa where politics is just so ripe for his cynicism. (http://twiends.com/zimbandrew)
Colin McLean
39 years as presenter, RP voiceover actor, skills trainer, stage actor, writer, speaker, father, poor punster and cheese fancier. Get in touch, do!