Ritchie Pettauer
Universitätslektor, Online Marketing Berater, Blogger.

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Richard Joerges
Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality, 360°-Video, Content Marketing, Web-Strategie, Social Media, Blogger und IT-Experte. Impressum: http://bit.ly/1hpImRK
Christoph Salzig
Christoph Salzig is Primus Inter Pares ♛ communication is my passion and my vocation. PR, social media, inbound marketing and events are my playgrounds. 🐐
Heinz Wittenbrink
Teaching web stuff at @fh_joanneum. Coordinator of a Master's program in content strategy. Tweeting explicit personal opinons.
Hagen Graf
I'm building cozy and user friendly places in virtual and physical environments. @cocoate @fimidi @novatrend_ch @ibcoco1