Mara Averick
tidyverse dev advocate @rstudio #rstats, #datanerd, #civictech 💖er, 🏀 stats junkie, using #data4good (&or 🥇 fantasy sports), lesser ½ of @batpigandme 🦇🐽

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alex priem
data scientist at WeMakeStatistics / Statistics Netherlands / CBS. Will code for entertainment.
John Legere
Magenta-wearing, customer-loving @TMobile USA CEO focused on ending wireless pain points & scaring our competitors! Also, #IamBatman
Sarah Drasner
Award-winning speaker. JS @Microsoft. @vuejs Core Team, Writer @css, co-organizer @ConcatenateConf she/her
Microsoft in Business
Official page. Empowering business leaders to transform their organizations through thought leadership and actionable insights.
Nodexl Project
(Social) (media) network analysis and visualization add-in for Excel: influencers, segments, & content. Get NodeXL Pro!