Darren Hodder
Fraud prevention guru and all round good-egg.If you are interested in my tweets about music and photography then follow @ThatHodder

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Michael Haupt
I created a framework to help birth smart, self-organised, self-actualised societies based on the blockchain. Learn what I do at https://medium.com/project-2030.
Shaina Arora
ALL India ITR offers easy income tax return e-filing services within minimum possible time with latest e-filing technology.
Kenneth Metuiwe
Full time servant of God and part time private practitioner in REAL ESTATES.
Moin Chowdhury
I am working as a "Int'l Marketing Consultant & Distributor of DXN- A Hlalth & Nutritional Product Based Ganodarma company. MY DXN ID is : 161065312.