Dan Gillmor
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kit mueller
Community @ChoolaahYum | Serial Tummler, Founder, Investor, Advisor, Instigator | Pgh Champion
"We and the world we live in together make up the self." - Dogen. Mixed media, work in progress, human rights, meditation teacher, art lover/maker.
Philippe Couve
Directeur chez @samsafr. Créateur de @lavideomobile et @Mediacademie. Enseigne à EDJ de @sciencespo. Ex-journaliste chez @RFI, @Rue89 et @OWNI.
The last temptation is the greatest treason. To do the right deed for the wrong reason. -TS Eliot
Investigador, Comunicador, docente en e-learning, conferenciante internacional, Blogger, analyst , evangelist web 2.0, speaker. futurist