Daisuke Osada
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Kiki Dee
Interested and knowledgeable in a wide variety of topics including many things Crypto. ETH: 0x1eC505e0eD849B8eD7A1e5cFCBC956f69b17B30e
Web Developer ⚡️ Founder - @signl_ Front end development & Design tutorials created by users of all skill levels 👻
Udit Goenka
Founder & CEO at @poweruphosting @gopbncloud @funnelbake | Featured on @inc & @forbes | Contributor @HuffPost | Keynote Speaker | A lot of love for Coffee.
Sacha Greif
Originally from Paris, but now living in Osaka. I co-wrote @DiscoverMeteor, and created @Telescpe and @SidebarIO. #Hearthstone, #Bouldering, and #BJJ.