Daisuke Osada
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Tijs Teulings
I glue shit together for a living | #django, #js, #reactnative | now: @backspacehq prev: @getgekko et al. | Readlist: https://refind.com/_tijs?invite=00abb8407b
Indian In Chicago
🇮🇳🇺🇸Just an average Raj from India 👥Not wealthy, but honest thinker BTC - 3PSEjWWNXm4j7gMyRQrzKpLcyuMeDT9CjZ - BCH -1KVucPaXarj3eMnozgjjcviYxvj2x7sPwY
Zach Segal
Growth @ http://Earn.com & Founder @ http://BlockchainCurated.com | Past: PM & Design at YC startups SendHub & LendUp. Opinions are my own. 比特币!
Christie Fox
Operations Assistant at The Book Farm. Book Lover! Currently teaching myself programming, marketing, & more! Education Advocate!
Heather Jones
Support 🦎 @geckoboard | Freelance screenwriter ✍️ 🎬 | Building 👩‍💻 @getremotereport
Buck Borasky - Frontier Programmer
Basketball analytics and sit-down comedy