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What is Refind?

Tens of thousands of smart people start their day with Refind. To learn something new. To get inspired. To move forward. The 5 most relevant links from around the web, tailored to the user’s interests. With summaries by the authors and highlights by the community.


Deep Dives are hand-curated series of about 10 time-tested articles and videos from around the web on a specific topic. They are more diverse than a single explainer, yet more compact than a complete online course. 10 links, delivered over 10 days, so that they fit into busy workdays.

What the Deep Dive experience looks like

Users subscribe to your Deep Dive on its dedicated landing page that lays out what the Deep Dive is about and introduces you as the curator.

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Once a user has subscribed to your Deep Dive, we guide them through, one link per day, in the app or in their inbox. If you like, you can add a short comment to each link.

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After they have completed your Deep Dive, you can address them with a short afterword and point them to further reading to go even deeper into the topic.

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Great! Pick a topic for your Deep Dive and send us your suggestion. Your topic should be broad enough to appeal to a lot of people, but narrow enough that it can be covered with around 10 evergreen links.

Curating Deep Dives is not open to the public—at this stage, we’re selecting curators manually and will get back to you if we think your suggestion is a fit.