Claudiu Murariu
Co-founder @innertrends. I host The Experiment (, a monthly digest on marketing experiments.

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Espree Devora 🎙
'Your intuition is your oracle' | Producer/Host of award winning #tech #podcasts @WeAreLATech & @WomenInTechShow | Listen, + 🎙
Yam Regev
Co-Founder, CEO and CMO at @ZestisApp
☄️ Ryan Law
I help #SaaS companies grow with content marketing. I also drink Scotch. Sometimes together.
Martijn Verbove
@Convergate | Convergate creates the line in-between people and technology. Where software understands its user and not only the other way around.
Ari Byland
Passion for #Lean - #Agile and #Scrum, Scrum Trainer @scrumdotorg. Posting about digital transformation and new ways of work. Co-Founder of @flow_sphere