Christian H. Leeb
visionary. rule breaker. portfolio entrepreneur. CEO of startup accelerator. speaker. musician @42angelitos @warpinnovation

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John Jeckmans
Executive Coach & Search, Capital Search, Business Development, Creating Space, Communication, Transformation
Harald Felgner
Encouraging to cross boundaries: IT vs #Marketing, local vs global, from #Agile to #Innovation: #AI #IoT #UX #CX #BX @AXA. My opinions are my own.
Ritchie Pettauer
Universitätslektor, Online Marketing Berater, Blogger.
Arun Devan
Arun Devan is the Managing Director of Blue Ocean Systems Pte Ltd, Singapore. LinkedIn profile:
EDGE Expert® , Graduate Electrical Engineer , Facilities Management, Building Services, Upcoming GSS-AP, and all things Green and Sustainable, JKUAT Alumni
Wouter Stierhout
17 year old iOS Developer, WWDC 15/17 Scholarship winner. Founder of @SFAdblocker.