Christophe Jean
Caféïnophile, #MacGyver du code au cœur de pierre, adepte de la sérendipité, Opportunity Guru et accessoirement lead dev chez @Wishibam. #wtf #swag

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Sami Henchiri
C.T.O. & Mobile apps craftsman | SF, Astronomy, Movies, TVShows & Car lover
Lauris Rozentāls
| All views are my own | #BeTheChange you want to see in the world | #AnimalRights | #BigArtBoost | #Photography | check out @refindcom|
Julian Libor
JavaScript enthusiast
Buck Borasky - Frontier Programmer
Basketball analytics and sit-down comedy
Indian In Chicago
🇮🇳🇺🇸Just an average Raj from India 👥Not wealthy, but honest thinker BTC - 3PSEjWWNXm4j7gMyRQrzKpLcyuMeDT9CjZ - BCH -1KVucPaXarj3eMnozgjjcviYxvj2x7sPwY