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Omar Vasquez Lima
Bachelor of Business Administration - IT Support & SysAdmin - Comm. Builder & Entrepreneur - Surfer & Skater - Father of 3 - Venezuelan & Citizen of the World
Clo Willaerts
Mother. Trainer. Girl geek and tech optimist. Author of forthcoming handbook « Digital Marketing like a PRO ». Lazy sin: enjoys reading books in bath.
Lead generation tools for bloggers, entrepreneurs & brands. Use the links you share *for more* 🔗🔥 #Branding #ClickTracking #LinkShortening
Sujan Patel
I run @Mailshakeapp @VoilaNorbert @Pick_Hq @Linktexting @Narrow__io & help grow companies through @Webprofits. I do things the hard way and share my learnings