Christopher Gomez #AR #VR #XR
Chris Gomez is an #XR industry builder & mentor (#AR/#VR/#MR)➖Angel Investor➖@XRForce ➖@Holition#WebVR#AFrame➖@Filmcamp➖@SIGGRAPHAsia➖Satirist➖Polymath

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Demetrios Georgalas
Greek, Athenian, Agnostic,Traveller, liberal, I like sci-fi, food, photography and if you like fascism or any kind of dogma, keep out!
Ruiwen Chua
A hacker at heart. Curiosity leads to exploration, leads to play, leads to learning.
Benjamin Earl Evans
Experience @airbnb. Diversity Designer, Entrepreneur & Author. Contributer @uxbooth, @thenextweb, @creativebloq & more. Say hey!
Drew Minock
Passionate about enhancing the learning experience & company culture, AR,@DAQRI Internal Comms Manager @best_keynote Speaker,Thoughts are my own