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Rockstar Games
The official home of Rockstar Games on Twitter. Publishers of such popular games as Grand Theft Auto, Max Payne, Red Dead Redemption, L.A. Noire, Bully & more.
Official Twitter account of the National Football League. Our Social Media Policy: http://on.nfl.com/ZNKG9n
Francisco George
Uno de los administradores del Grupo Manifiesto en Facebook. Vocal de la JDN de @partido_pirata. Liejense,Liegeois,Belgique resident en Espagne 1999
Madrillano 🎧
Creando @audiobip . Comunidad para podcasters. El podcasting es más divertido con ayuda // Además, Técnico de Soporte en Boluda•com
Helping companies improve customer #experiences, harness marketing automation and build effective #sales and #marketing capabilities that fuel growth.